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Sensei Frank Brennan returns!

Whilst we've had the pleasure of Sensei Frank Brennan's presence once or twice recently, last night was the first time in a very long time that things actually felt 'normal' again! We had two classes and two grading sessions with both being well attended.

First up were the juniors who trained hard and graded very well indeed, followed by seniors who were well and truly put through their paces in an intense training session followed swiftly by grading. It was also great to once again welcome friends from other clubs. We had a great showing from Low Fell Karate Club in attendance to train and grade with us.

Grading for Newcastle Sendai we had no less than 5 beginners who all progressed to 9th Kyu successfully and were a credit to the club putting in a very solid grading and attracting some very positive feedback from Sensei Brennan. Congratulations and well done to Samira Farzad, Peter Sowter, Sophie Smart, Tallah Shoaib & Saliha Shoaib who all shed their white belts to begin the Kyu grade journey!

Grading to 3rd Kyu was James Furness and grading to 1st Kyu was Jim Bailey. Well done both!

Congratulations and well done to all who attended and helped to make it a really fantastic evening. It was an absolute pleasure to see a full dojo again and we look forward to the next one where we can hopefully replicate, or even improve upon, this one!


More dates for Sensei Brennan will be agreed soon. We will let you know as soon as we do.


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