On Thursday November 5th we will one again be under government lock down


This is hugely disappointing as we were on the brink of announcing a new venue and hoping that some form of normality would return to our training and grading.

Having said that, we will of course support the lock down fully as the safety of our club members is paramount and we want to see Covid 19 stopped as much as anyone.

As of now, all training is cancelled.

We will of course keep you updated as soon as we know anything further.

Stay safe and try to keep training at home as much as you can. Aside from keeping your karate up to speed, it has been proven that exercise of the mind and body during lock down is hugely beneficial and, as we know, karate provides both. There are lots of ways to train in small spaces and even just keeping up your stretches will help.

Most importantly, keep yourselves and your families safe.

If anyone has questions or queries, please drop us a message.🥋


Karate in the park is now over due to the nights getting darker and colder. 

Our usual venue at Eldon Leisure remains closed due to COVID-19 so we have sourced new premises.

We were temporarily training in the East End Pool building at Byker  but that is also no longer possible. Thanks again Covid!

We have held meetings with a local venue and it looks very promising that this will soon become our new dojo, permanently this time! 

This should be finalised within the next 2 - 3 weeks at which time a full announcement will be made.

I'd like to thank everyone who has recently made inquiries about joining the club for being so patient. We are doing everything we can in very difficult circumstances, as I'm sure you'll understand.

Hopefully once we are settled into our new dojo we will finally get to meet you all.

Please remember, all COVID-19 precautions for all venues must be adhered to including all KUGB risk assessments. These can be viewed on the KUGB website.

If anyone has questions or queries, please drop us a message.🥋

Karate in the park!


We recently trialled some sessions of karate in the great outdoors in order to get training around each other again. This has proven successful so I have collected  together some important details for you should you wish to attend. 


Location : Exhibition Park, Newcastle - to the left of the entrance as you walk in. Park in Claremont Road car park - free after 6pm, then walk out of the car park and go left. You will come to the entrance to Exhibition Park and we train just inside the entrance off to the left. (SEE IMAGE BELOW)

Days & times: Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 - 8 pm as per usual class times. Aim to arrive at 6:15 so that you can warm up prior to training.


Attire : most of us wear our Gi and would appreciate it if everyone could try and follow suit (pun intended!). We wish to create a focused environment that feels like a normal class. Footwear is mandatory with training shoes being recommended.

All sessions are weather permitting and based on the availability of sufficient instructors. It is highly recommended you contact Jim or Ernie ahead of attending to make sure the session is taking place. We will of course always endeavour to publish news on Facebook as soon as possible if the session is cancelled.

Attendance is voluntary and strictly at your own risk.


There are additional risks to training outdoors and the significant risks have been addressed by the KUGB in a risk assessment. It is essential that you read and understand this prior to attending. This is for your safety or, if your children are training, their safety. A few salient points from the risk assessment are listed here though it is essential you read it in full prior to attending: 

  • A maximum of 5 students can be taught at any one time per instructor.

  • Social distancing will be adhered to therefore any kumite practice will be without a partner.

  • Parents must remain with the group at all times to observe and cannot drop children off and leave. This is in case children need to use the toilet during the session.

  • It is strongly recommended that participants bring their own first aid kit to tend to any minor injuries to themselves or their children.

  • Participants must stay at least 2 metres apart at all times

The complete risk assessment can be found by clicking here. You must read it in full prior to attending.


Please be aware that although we wish to maintain the focus of a normal class (concentration and effort are required!), this is a slightly more informal set up than in the dojo. This is more like a group of like minded people training together with experienced instructors who will be happy to assist and instruct to help you improve. As a result you will not be charged for attending, the sessions are free. 

As ever, if you need any further info, please contact Jim or Ernie and we'll help and advise where possible. Most importantly, enjoy it! 

As per any training scenario, a valid KUGB license is required for you to train.




Due to the current situation with Covid 19 - coronavirus, we are suspending all training and grading activities until further notice.


This is not a decision we have taken lightly but due to recent government guidelines, and consultation with the KUGB, we feel that this is the best thing to do for the safety and welfare of our students and instructors.


As of this point there will be no change in this status until any significant changes to government social distancing and lock-down guidelines are announced. We will of course keep you posted and provide updates as and when anything changes.


Please note - this also means that all scheduled training and grading sessions with Sensei Brennan are currently 'to be confirmed'.


Keep up with your stretching and training basics at home where possible but most importantly, stay safe.


If anyone has questions or queries, please drop us a message.🥋

Newcastle Sendai Karate again had the honour and privilege to train with Sensei Frank Brennan (8th Dan) on July 16th 2019.

A very informative and rewarding session was had by all and we look forward to the next time Sensei Brennan visits us. 

Thank you to all who attended, including our friends from other local karate clubs, who took advantage of the opportunity to train with Newcastle Sendai and Sensei Brennan.


A fantastic evening of karate was had by all! 

All event photos - click here

For more information on Sensei Brennan including future training and grading events please click here

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